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Eastpointe Christian Church’s Sports and Arts Camp is a five day, fun-filled camp for grades K-5, geared toward helping kids learn the value of teamwork, effort, and drive through sports and arts.  Through these avenues, kids will be given the chance to see how their hard work and determination help them succeed.  By the end of the week kids will have learned about teamwork, serving others, second chances, trust, and most of all- that God wants us to not just sit on the sidelines, but to GET IN THE GAME!

Each day, kids will come to hear how God used outwardly simple people to do some pretty amazing things.  They will hear about the Good Samaritan who chose to overcome the fear of other people’s thoughts of them to help someone in need.  Daniel and the Fiery Furnace will help kids learn that even when the tough gets going, strong athletes and artists stick with God to get through it.  To cap it off, kids will hear about David and Goliath and what appeared to be a seemingly impossible task– defeating a giant.  But with faith, trust, and a belief that God wanted Him to get off the sideline and jump in, David defeats the giant and helps his team win!

Kids will get the opportunity each day to learn a new skill, whether through sports or arts, and hear how it connects to the larger story of what God is doing in them.  Some of the activities they will get to participate in include:


  • Basketball and Soccer - dribbling, passing, shooting and defense

  • Volleyball - passing, setting, spiking, blocking, digging, and serving

  • Golf – grip, swing, posture

  • Lacrosse – equipment, catching, throwing, cradling the ball

  • Football – catching, throwing, running, defense

  • Baseball – hitting, fielding, throwing, base-running


  • Theater – staging, memorizing lines, basic movements, character development, voice control

  • Singing – posture, breathing, tone/pitch

  • Art/Craft – equipment, technique, design, thought

All of these skills will connect to the overall theme of our Sports and Arts Camp – doing the best we can for God.  Each day, the story, the skill, and the lesson will help kids learn that it’s not just what you can do but who we do it for. 

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