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Churches are too often only known for what they're against. But at Eastpointe, we want you to know what we're FOR.

We desire to be a church that doesn't point out problems in our community, but seeks to solve them instead. We're interested in partnerships, cheering each other on, and advocating for those who have tangible needs.

We believe we have more in common than you may think. After all, we enjoy the same restaurants, sports teams, city life, and parks and recreation spots as you! Let's put aside any differences we may have and unite in what we're FOR.

We're FOR our community- Blacklick, Reynoldsburg, Pataskala, Gahanna, New Albany, Jersey, Licking Heights, Whitehall, Pickerington, and everyone in between and beyond.

We're FOR you, because God is FOR you.

Want to participate? Here's how!

  • Keep an eye out for those in the community doing an awesome job of serving others. Maybe it's a local small business, your server at your favorite restaurant, a good samaritan, the local fire station, your trash collectors, or someone else you encounter regularly or spontaneously.

  • Tell them you appreciate their service, that you'd love to give them a shout out on social media, and would like a quick picture to post. Explain that your church is encouraging you to highlight those in the community who are serving others because we want to be known for what we're FOR, not against.

  • Post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, tagging them (if they have a business page), and using the hashtag #FORtheEastside. Make the post public so everyone who searches the # will be able to see it! You do not need to tag the church. Let people click on the hashtag to see who’s up to this. 😉

  • BOOM! You've just made someone's day and shown your community that we are FOR them!

Overly simplified instructions:

  • Picture: Snap a pic (with permission if of an individual).

  • Place/person: Tag the public page of the place/person you’d like to highlight and write a caption (using @name).

  • Public: Make the post public for all to see.

  • Post: Add the #FORtheEastside and post to any social media channel you’d like!


We get it. We're a culture who loves graphic tees. We love to show our love for the things we love (that's a lot of love!) by splashing it all over the things we wear, drink from, write with, and stick to our cars. 

Why not show your love #FORtheEastside by doing just that!?

Check out our brand new collection of goods and snag some for yourself or for someone who may need the reminder that we're FOR them!