At Eastpointe, we not only want to see your beautiful face on Sunday morning worshiping with us, but we desire for you to dig into the Word during the week as well. Let's face it. One hour a week isn't going to cause great life change. But one hour a day (or whatever you have time for each day)? That would absolutely change everything! 

Check out these resources to help you on your journey of growing deeper in your faith and relationship with Jesus.


Grow Guide

Our weekly Grow Guide has been thoughtfully created just for you. We’ve taken Pastor Dan’s weekly message and come up with a handful of questions that can be used individually or in LifeGroups to take you deeper into the topic discussed on Sunday.

Take advantage of this wonderful resource by checking in weekly here to download the latest guide and start digging deeper into the Word of God and applying it to your everyday life.

Grow Groups

At Eastpointe, groups help a big church feel smaller. They provide the chance to talk about the Bible, support and pray for each other, and walk through life together. Simply put, you become each other's people. 

Too often, we try to go through life alone, but we were created for community. We know it can be intimidating to try and find a Grow Group that feels like home, so we encourage you to "date" a group for one quarter (8 weeks) and if it doesn't feel right, then you're free to move on. No hard feelings! We promise to still make eye contact (and probably hug you) on Sundays! 




YouVersion is a free Bible app that not only allows you to carry multiple versions (1,200!) of the Bible with you wherever you go, but is also available is 900 languages! This is truly something anybody can use, and we hope you do.

We use the Bible App as a tool for you to use on Sunday mornings complete with all of the Scripture references and notes for that particular message, but it can also do so much more! It not only acts like a traditional Bible (and even allows you to highlight passages), but also gives you the opportunity to do various reading plans and devotional studies. You can even sign up for a Verse of the Day!

This app is definitely a must have for every believer and those curious about learning more about Christianity.


RightNow Media

We are so excited to now be offering you a FREE online resource library to help you grow in your spiritual journey with Jesus. Leadership at Eastpointe has recently invested in RightNow Media, giving YOU access to thousands of resources for personal, Grow Group, and even family studies for all ages. 

If you're serious about growing deeper with the Lord, RightNow Media is going to be your new favorite app/site. With over 20,000 discipleship videos, there is something for everyone at every stage of life. Learn more below and be on the lookout for the personal email invite!

If you haven't yet received access to this amazing resource, you can request it below.


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Biblical Self-Care Workbook

We all face it at one time or another: the pressure brought on by a life lived at too quick a pace, the stress and anxiety caused by too much on our plate, the physical health issues due to lack of time or energy to eat well or exercise, and feeling distant from God thanks to overburdened schedules and overwhelmed hearts.

Several years ago, Pastor Dan's wife, Amber, was there too. She had not been caring for herself well and her body, mind, and spirit had taken enough abuse. She ended up in the hospital unsure what had happened to her life.

After getting well, God put it on her heart to help others before they found themselves in a similar situation.  That's when the Biblical Self-Care Workbook was born! Full of practical tools to create new and healthier habits in your life, this workbook is a must for anyone feeling overwhelmed with life.