Life Group FAQS

What is a LifeGroup?

LifeGroups at Eastpointe are small groups of people gathering and serving together, doing life together, asking questions, learning about God, and having fun! Groups come in all shapes and sizes. Some are organized by friendships, some by schedule or topic, others by gender or place in life, and some by special interest. No matter who you are or where you are, whether you're looking for community, service opportunities, Bible study, or social events, we have you covered!


Why would I want to be in a LifeGroup?

There are many biblical and practical reasons to be in a LifeGroup. The Bible teaches God’s desire is for us to be in a relationship with Him and with one another. Jesus lived His life this way, with a small group of friends. Our faith grows in the presence of a community of faithful friends who can encourage, support and stretch us. While experiencing a great, relevant Sunday service is extremely beneficial to our faith, being connected to a group is vital. We can ask questions, implement what we are learning, and put concepts into action in our lives, all while having fun with our friends. Life is always better together.


Available LifeGroups

Times and locations vary throughout the week. Fill out the LifeGroup Information Form below to receive more info about joining or hosting a LifeGroup.

*Childcare available for most LifeGroups

9:30am Sundays

Married and single men and women in the 45+ age group. Six different leaders take turns leading. Lots of variety, spiritual learning, encouragement, and laughs. All are welcome to join this group that knows that life is easier with friends.

11:00am Sundays

A group studying the Bible verse by verse. We seek Biblical challenges each week to help us in our daily lives. We enjoy each other and there is always an extra chair for someone to join our circle.

6:00pm Sundays

A mix of families at different stages in life that discuss the weekly sermons.

6:00pm MondayS

More info to come!

6:30pm Tuesdays

A group with diverse ages that meet each week to challenge each other to grow in our faith, dig into the Word through study and discussion, and encourage one another in our daily lives. Children are cared for by our daughter.

7:00pm Tuesdays

We are a group of women of diverse ages that meet each week. Our desire is to grow in our faith and encourage one another in our daily lives. We spend time each week in study of God's word, prayer, and fellowship. Childcare is provided by teenagers.

7:00pm Wednesdays

We are a men's group 18 and older (married, divorced, and single) that follow the sermon series, go through Christian basics study, and have a lot of fun. No childcare provided.

6:30PM Thursdays

A group focusing on marriage, parenting, and family as we look to better our relationships with our spouse, children, parents, siblings, and others.  We challenge one another and look at how God intended our relationships to be.  This is for those dating, engaged, newlyweds, married for 80 years, or anything in between! Childcare provided.

6:00AM Saturdays

Our goal is to provide a group where men can gather and grow while forming relationships that help build one another up and hold each other accountable. We want to see men step up as better husbands, fathers, leaders, and Christ-followers. We’ll meet weekly to build these relationships, and part of our meeting time will be devoted to studying how God intended us to live out our lives as men.