What is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is the nation’s leading exercise program for active older adults. SilverSneakers focuses on fitness, friends, and fun!

The SilverSneakers program at Eastpointe is a weekly class meeting focusing on Strength and Balance. The class meets every Friday morning from 9:00a to 10:00a in Eastpointe's gymnasium. The class will not meet on the following dates: February 12, March 11, April 22, May 6, and May 27. 


About the Strength and Balance Class:

Strength and Balance are important in everyday life, and this class will help you improve your ability to feel strong and stable. Strength exercises may include lifting hand-held weights, stretching resistive tubing, and using your own body's resistance while also using your core muscles to improve balance and stability.


Are you eligible to be part of the SilverSneakers program?

The Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness program is an insurance benefit included in more than 65 Medicare health plans. Through SilverSneakers, health plans and group retirement plans provide a gym membership to their insured, usually at no additional cost.Your SilverSneakers membership allows you access to more than 13,000 participating locations nationwide, and includes all the basic amenities plus group exercise classes geared specifically towards the active older adult.

To find out if your health plan offers the SilverSneakers Fitness program, visit the SilverSneakers health plan locator.


What if I'm not eligible to be part of SilverSneakers? 

Just because your health plan does not include SilverSneakers or even if you are not yet 65+, it doesn't mean you can't participate! While the weekly class is FREE for SilverSneakers members, non-members are encouraged to join the fun for a small fee. For more information about the non-member fee, please contact Instructor Leah Siefert at 614-507-6552 or email plsief44@gmail.com.


Is the Strength and Balance Class right for me?

The SilverSneakers Strength and Balance Class is great for most older adults and seniors who are looking to improve their current physical condition. The Strength and Balance class is a moderate-level activity program...you won't be doing lots of cardio, but you won't be sitting the whole time either! There are also plenty of moderations to these exercises that will accomodate a wide range of physical abilities and levels. For more information about whether the Strength and Balance class is suitable for you, contact Leah at 614-507-6552 or email plsief44@gmail.com


What should I bring with me? 

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You will need to bring a water bottle and your hand-held weights. We will be using resistance tubes as well, which you can get for FREE as a SilverSneakers member!


SilverSneakers can get a FREE resistance tube by ordering a "Step Kit." Here's how:

1. Call Healthways at 866-584-7389, or

2. Go to www.silversneakers.com and create an account. Go to "My Profile" and under Membership Benefits click on "Step Kit Ordering." Follow directions to order the General Fitness Kit. 


For more info about the class, contact SilverSneakers FLEX Instructor Leah Siefert at 614-507-6552 or email plsief44@gmail.com.