Eastpointe Scholarship Fund

The Eastpointe Missions Ministry Scholarship Fund exists to encourage and assist members at Eastpointe to pursue* Christian education** at one of our many Restoration Movement colleges and universities. Scroll to the end of this page for a list of eligible schools.

For each calendar year, a certain sum will be set aside from the Missions Ministry budget to fund the scholarship program. Funding each year is determined by the Missions Ministry Team as a line item in the formulation of each annual Missions Ministry budget and is subject to change.

Eastpointe members may apply for scholarship funds by downloading the Scholarship Fund Application.

This application covers the purpose and goals of the student's education and the need for assistance. Applications for fall scholarship awards must be received by June 15; applications for spring scholarships must be received by November 15.

All applications will be prayerfully reviewed and promptly answered by the Missions Ministry within no more than 5 weeks from the date in which the application was due. In cases of rejection, the chairman of the Elders and the Senior Pastor will be asked to review the reasons before informing the applicant.

Awarded scholarships will be given directly to the student to be used at the student's own discretion. The Missions Team will trust that the student will use the scholarship award based on their stated intended purpose as documented in that student’s scholarship application.

Students may apply for a scholarship no more than 8 times total during the obtainment of any one degree. Limit of one scholarship per quarter/semester. Should a student at any point in time quit pursuing the degree for which the scholarship award was originally granted, that student will not be expected to repay the scholarship funds received to that date.

In order to be eligible for consecutive scholarship gifts, students must maintain a GPA of no less than 2.5. Students who apply for consecutive scholarships may be asked to provide a copy of their previous quarter’s/semester’s report card to prove that the proper GPA was obtained. If at any point during their academic career, should a student’s GPA drop below 2.5, the student may not reapply for another scholarship gift until they provide documentation proving that GPA has been raised to a 2.5 or above. ***

* pursue – Scholarships are available only for students actively seeking an Associate's, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D degree. Scholarships do not apply to individuals taking single classes for personal or professional development, etc.

** Christian education – defined as any degree offered at the Christian college/university of the student's choosing and is not limited only to Christian leadership degrees.

*** In situations of extenuating circumstances, the Scholarship Committee may choose to waive the 2.5 GPA requirement to allow a student to maintain scholarship eligibility.

Eligible Schools