the starting point of eastpointe

In the summer of 1952, Mr. and Mrs. George Starrett, who lived at 4543 Norton Lane, held a two week Vacation Bible School in their home for the children of the neighborhood. Interest continued and a small group continued to meet regularly. On December 14, 1952, twenty-one people met for Sunday worship in the Starrett home, and Norton Church of Christ was begun. What began as a small group home Bible study continued to grow in numbers, and Jim Grooms served the church as a part-time minister. By the middle of 1954 the small group had outgrown the Starrett's home, so they rented space in Whitehall-Yearling High School and called their first full-time minister, Lloyd Dunn. Just over 2 acres of land at 441 S. Yearling Road was purchased and in April 1955, the church moved into its first dedicated building.


a New name, the same heart

On September 19, 1999, the members of Norton Church of Christ decided to change our name to Eastpointe Christian Church to better reflect our mission to the eastside of Columbus.

On November 7, 1999, Eastpointe Christian Church decided to purchase 17.22 acres of relocation property at the corners of Waggoner and Wengert Roads.

On November 7, 2004, Eastpointe Christian Church relocated to a new facility on Waggoner Road to continue and enhance our mission in reaching the eastside of Columbus for Christ.


generations of pointing people to life

Over numerous generations, God has continued to bless, use, and grow Eastpointe Christian Church.

What began as a small home Bible study is now a dynamic, growing, multi-faceted church, with thousands of people giving their lives to Jesus through baptism at Eastpointe.


An independent church & a larger movement

In addition to our own rich history, Eastpointe is affiliated through history and name with what is known as the Restoration Movement. Eastpointe Christian Church is a non-denominational church. In accordance with the practice of the New Testament church, local Elders that are installed by the congregation independently govern us. Our association with other Christian Churches is unique. Eastpointe does not belong to any boards, hierarchies, or voting associations, but our relationship and fellowship with other churches with a similar faith and heritage is unmistakable.